We are very pleased to have a CFR part 145 repair station that specializes in Beechcraft airframes affiliated with Select Airparts. Through our association with Preflight Repair Services we are able to provide the following repair/overhaul services near our facility for Beech Debonairs through King Air 350’s:

Baron main gear cropped GE DIGITAL CAMERA

Control surface repair –

  • Full repair for ailerons, flaps, elevators and rudders
  • Magnesium skin repair/replacement
  • STC’d aluminum skin for Bonanza/Baron elevators

Landing gear –

  • King Air landing gear 6 year/8000 cycle inspection
  • Overhaul of Beech wheel and brake assemblies
  • Repair and overhaul of

      • Main and nose landing gear strut assemblies
      • Upper strut housings
      • Cylinders
      • Pistons and axles
      • Support tubes
      • Torque knees
      • Upper and lower drag braces
      • Mechanical actuators
      • Steering link assemblies
      • Steering Collars

  • Complete overhaul of Cleveland wheel and brake components

      • Wheels
      • Brakes
      • Master cylinders
      • Parking brake valves

Because our repairs are done locally, we can provide short turn-around times and AOG service. 8130-3 documentation is provided with all repaired units. We also offer exchange options for controls and landing gear components.

Quotes for repairs are done individually for control surfaces as the extent of the repairs will be different for each unit.

In order to provide service to the commercial aircraft industry Select Airparts uses repair stations that comply with the necessary guidelines for drug/alcohol testing required by the FAA.

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